Ton Boon Dharma is an organisation run by Chris Nuttall that offers meditation activities, yin and restorative yoga classes and workshops, forest meditation retreats and conscious dance events (see Dance Liberation page).

Ton Boon Dharma works along side the 'non-profit' 'Ton Boon Buddhist Community Group'.

This group is a collective of dharma teachers, facilitators and volunteers.

Community/Sangha activities include the 'Dhamma in the Garden' Meditation classes, & 'Sangha Sisters Sharing Circle' (see 'Meditation & Groups' page). We aim to create peaceful and positive connections in the community that are accessible to all and so these classes are donation based.

 All activities used to operate from The Ton Boon Temple which was a functioning Buddhist Temple, but has sadly now closed. We continue all our activities in beautiful locations around Bradford on Avon.

Our collective ethos is to practice together and share the Dharma out of love & compassion for all beings.

Through the practice of meditation we learn to bring a clarity and calm to our lives, reducing stress and clearing away negativity and old unhelpful habits. This creates the space for a more contented and happier state of mind to develop, bringing a genuine well-being and freedom to our lives. Through community, our shared values and efforts are strengthened and people finally find that love and support they have often yearned for! 


People of all backgrounds come together to explore the meditative life and develop wholesome and healthy friendships.


Some of our sangha, young and old, gather to practice meditation and hear teachings from Luang Por Kampong and Ajahn Pakorn back when we had the temple


Sharing food and a day of Dana (generosity and giving) to celebrate Kathina (offering of new robes to the monks). An ancient tradition dating back to the time of the Buddha.

We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs to come and see for themselves the great benefits that a full range of meditation activities can offer.

Be well, be peaceful!

With Metta (in loving kindness)

Chris and the team.

Saisunee & Alan Pettitt - Founders of The Ton Boon Buddhist Temple and meditation centre.

Chris Nuttall - Dharma teacher, yoga and meditation instructor, conscious dance DJ & facilitator.

Nicky Elliott, Julia Cole and Camilla Forest - Dharma practitioners and facilitators for the 'Sangha Sisters' Group.

Graham Lever & Mike Holgate - Dharma teachers.

Sue Davison - Web & tech support.

Venerable Ajahn Amaro, Abbott of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery - Spiritual guide to our Sangha.

Ton Boon Dharma & The Ton Boon Buddhist Community Group.

The Ton Boon Meditation Centre, 24 Bridge Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1BY.

Email Chris at: tonboontrust@gmail.com for all inquiries

fb: Ton Boon Dharma


A welcome visit from Venerable Tan Aryo, Venerable Tan Chakavaro and their lay disciple while on their 'Tudong' (spiritual pilgrimage)