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We hold regular monthly events and workshops:

  • Day-long Urban retreats at the Temple.

  • Day-long Forest & Riverside Retreats in a local nature reserve.

  • Please email us for further details and dates. Request to be added to our mailing list to receive up to date info on our activities.


'The Wisdom of Meditation'
A co-creation with 'The Wisdom Space' Community
Ton Boon Buddhist Temple, 24 Bridge Street, BA15 1BY
Tuesday 13th Sept 2022

The Wisdom Space is dedicated to bringing people together to share wisdom across the generations through talks, workshops and performances in Bradford on Avon and beyond to create more conscious, compassionate and connected communities. See our 'Resources' page for more info.

Through guided meditations, calming Qigong, gentle mindful movement and compassionate conversation, Chris will lead us through an exploration of Buddhist philosophy and teachings on wisdom. This includes how wisdom helps us to perceive the true nature of reality,  ways in which we can cultivate greater wisdom and the importance of meditative practice.


Riverside Retreat Day
Local Nature Reserve
Sunday 28th August 2022, 10am - 4pm

Would you like to deepen your practice, cultivating community harmony in the beauty of nature?


Ton Boon Dharma's next retreat day will start in the Temple with some gentle movement and grounding, then we will take pilgrimage up to Bradford's secluded nature reserve for some riverside practice, picnic, and peaceful abiding.

(Weather permitting. If it rains, we will practice at the Temple).


Our meditation retreats are suitable for well practiced individuals and also complete beginners!


The donations are aimed at £35 for the day / £20 unwaged. This is to cover costs, facilitation and bursary funds.

If you are someone in financial hardship and would really like to come, then please do, and just make a small offering. 

Email Chris for further details:

Loy Kratong Festival
Ton Boon Buddhist Temple, 24 Bridge Street, BA15 1BY
Sunday 10th November 2020, 10am - 4pm

A special occasion in Bradford on Avon today as our cultures came together to Remember and pay homage!
We paid gratitude to the fallen British with our prayers and minute silence.

We gathered for Thai festival 'Loy Krathong' paying respects to the sacred river and our ancestors by releasing beautiful lotus-shaped rafts, decorated with candles, incense and flowers onto the water.
Community and culture came together, in harmony and in peacefulness.

Much gratitude to Phra Ajahn and his attendant for visiting and sharing the dharma and prayers.
Thankyou to all the Lay who gathered and offered their dana for the goodness and well being of all.


Yin & Restorative Yoga Workshop - MONTHLY
Ton Boon Buddhist Temple, 24 Bridge Street, BA15 1BY
Sunday 20th Oct 2020, 10am - 1pm

Yin yoga stretches and targets the muscles, the bones, the fascia and works all the deep connective tissues that make up the whole body. 

It also works on the subtle energetic system increasing the flow Qi (or prana) bringing balance and vitality to the body and mind. It is extremely calming and nourishing, and can release long term stiffness and tension.


Restorative yoga helps to discover a physical and mental balance that can relieve stress, anxiety and other unhelpful states.

The slow pace of this practice enables one to delve into the more meditative side of yoga and so find a deep peace and restorative healing.

Suggested donation £30 waged / £15 un-waged

Woodland Day Retreat - A Day of Dharma
Secluded woodlands near Winsley, Wiltshire
Sunday 11th August 2020, 11am - 4pm

Come and join us for a day of dharma. There will be sitting and walking meditation and time to have discussion and reflection.

Take the time to delve deeper into your practice and learn how to let go of those old negativities and embrace a new well-being and happiness!

Suggested donation £30 waged / £15 un-waged


Sophie's Dharma talk and 'ICS' Fundraiser

Monday 25th Feb, 7.30 - 9pm

Sophie returns to hold the space to share her knowledge and compassion. Her teaching will be on 'Connecting Buddhist dharma to everyday life'

She is raising money for her latest project to bring practicle help and much needed support to struggling communities

This session will be a fundraiser for my ICS (International Citizenship Service) placement in Bangladesh with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas). ICS does essential work in supporting communities that have requested their help and aims to inspire young people to become active global citizens that are passionate about international development.

I will be taking part in a 12 week placement in Bangladesh during which I, along with UK and national volunteers, will be carrying out projects focusing on governance, employment and education.


I need to raise a total of £800, all of which will go towards supporting all ICS partners in running the programme effectively so they can continue their essential work.

Any donations you can spare will be greatly appreciated and you are welcome to visit my Just Giving page to find out more -


Thank you so much for your support.

Sophie Davis Birch

Sophie Banglidesh.jpg

Gong bath & guided healing with Helen Twiss & Chris

Monday 18th Feb, 7.30 - 9pm

 A Sound bath is a session that consists of a variety of instruments being played in a way that encourages a relaxing meditative state.

Sound, and in particular the gong, works by a method of entrainment of brain wave frequency. As you listen to the sound, your brain waves slow to the theta wave length which is a deep state of relaxation.

Sound is an amazing way to bring about healing on many levels and it’s recommended that you take it easy afterwards as the vibrations continue to work.

We recommend you drink plenty of water after to encourage any toxins released to be flushed away.

Enjoy this unique experience, recharge your energy and flow into rest, relaxation and healing.

Suggested donation £8 waged / £3 un-waged

Restorative Day Retreat at the Temple

Thursday 27th, 11am - 4pm,  £20

A great day of Dhamma and practice at the temple. Here's a pic of our lovely shared vegan meal.

Much goodness came from the day which included Sitting and walking meditation, Qi Gong, Restorative yoga and a Dhamma talk


End of year Celebration with special guest Kirsty Folan

Monday 17th, 7.30 - 9pm

We are delighted to have local singer songwriter Kirsty Folan come and perform for us at the Ton Boon Meditation Centre.

She wil be treating us to an acoustic guitar set of her songs from her album 'Pension Plans'

Her songs fit perfectly for our Buddhist celebration as they include Sanskrit chants and have reflections on old age, death, impermanence, love and happiness to name a few.

We wil hear her brand new songs 'Lokah' and 'Gayatri' being performed for the first time!

Chris will be weaving a couple of his original Dharma poems into the procceedings to help bring the mind further towards insight and liberation!

As always there will be some mindfull movement and a sitting meditation.

Looks set to be another special eve at the Temple, we hope you can make it along.

Suggested donation £8 waged, £3 un-waged

There are no Monday Meditation classes on Christmas eve or New Years eve as i have commitments.

On NYE I am DJ'ing at a event in Frome with local legend Bob Hilary. There will be shared food, Cacao Ceremony and some dancing around having lots of fun. This is a well-being related community event so obviously an alcohol free zone! Full details to follow!

Yin Yoga classes running as normal over the holidays!

Kirsty Guitar.jpeg
Pension plans.jpg

Upcoming Events for November

Monday 26th - Pra Ajahn Somchai gives special teachings at the Temple, 7.30 - 9pm,  suggested donation £7

We are delighted to host the well respected Venerable Pra Ajahn Somchai at our temple for 10 days.

Venerable Ajahn Somchai comes representing Phrathat Doi Suthep Temple, Chang Mai.

On his path, he became a disciple and the successor of Long Po Poh, one of the great monks from the forest tradition.

His teachings express his deep wisdom and knowledge of the scriptures and meditation practice.

His teachings include retreats in nature, with very basic facilities to create a feeling of being closer to the environment. This can create a humble and strong mind.


Being able to let go of comfort from the outer world helps us to turn inward and find our true nature, a liberated heart and mind.

He goes beyond the “I, me, mine” self-centred thinking of the modern world, as it creates stressed feelings of separation and competition.

suthep 3.jpg
suthep temple 2.jpg

Monday 19th We return to the The Temple Hall

Greetings all, i hope you are well


We are moving back to the Temple Building at 24 Bridge Street, Bradford on Avon for all our activites.

This will take effect from this Monday 19th November.


Same times:

Graham's class 5.30 - 7pm

Chris's class  7.30 - 9pm

Suggested donation £5 waged, £3 unwaged.


The full address details:

The Ton Boon Buddhist Temple,

24 Bridge Steet, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1BY


P.s After popular demand, I have added a wednesday class for the Yin & Restorative yoga, there are a couple of spaces left, see the Yoga page for full details

Mudra Meditation

Upcoming Events for September

Sophie's Adventures in Peru!

Monday 24th September 7.30 - 9pm Suggested donation £5

Sophie has returned from Peru and will share about her adventures.

Much goodness was achieved from building essential amenities for the locals and teaching her fellow voluteers how to meditate. 

The theme will be 'Interbeing and the value of human life' 

Come down for an evening of meditation and discussion, should be a great night!


Sound Bath Healing with Helen Twiss

Monday 10th September 7.30 - 9pm Suggested donation £8

Sound bath is a session that consists of a variety of instruments being played in a way that encourages a relaxing meditative state.

The term ‘bath’ means that you are bathed in sound waves which resonate with your energetic frequencies.

Ideally you lie down for the session but you can also experience it seated.

Just make sure you are warm and comfortable as this is a relaxing journey inwards.

Sound, and in particular the gong, works by a method of entrainment of brain wave frequency. As you listen to the sound, your brain waves slow to the theta wave length which is a deep state of relaxation.

Sound is an amazing way to bring about healing on many levels and it’s recommended that you take it easy afterwards as the vibrations continue to work.

We recommend you drink plenty of water after to encourage any toxins released to be flushed away.

Enjoy this unique experience, recharge your energy and flow into rest, relaxation and healing


Upcoming Events for August

Big new adventure - our Sangha moves to new venue

We are happy to announce that we are moving to a new venue as of 27th August 

After 6 years of providing meditation classes, workshops, retreats, school trips and projects, cultural celebrations, Pujas, dedications and offering ceremonies, we say goodbye to the Ton Boon Trust running the activities at our Temple in Bradford on Avon.

A new buddhist group (also a non-profit charity) will be moving in and bringing Monastics to reside at the Temple. It will be a great opportunity to meet and practice with these revered teachers. They are still of the Forest Tradition but of the lineage of Phra Ajahn Thate (disciple of Ajahn Mun)

As for the classes that Graham and I run, they will be continuing round the corner at our new venue.
The large upstairs room at the Thai Barn restaurant has been kindly offered by Saisunee for all our Dharma activities.
It is a beautiful space, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to practice and teach there. Both classes will be held from Monday 27th - full details to follow.


So our venue may have changed! but our Sangha continues - we carry the love and compassion in our hearts, not just in the building

And as a bonus, the temple will still be there anyway for us to enjoy under the guidance of some wise old monks

Next Monday 20th 7.30 - 9.30pm will be the last (extended) class i hold at our beloved Temple, so i invite Sangha members of past and present to come and share in the celebrations and farewell ceremony i will be leading.

Chris x


Graham will be holding his last class at the Temple on Tuesday 21st 7.30 - 9pm to also end this chapter, rejoice in Dharma, and share the merit to all sentient beings.


Much love from all the Ton Boon trustees and committee members past and present; 
Chris Nuttall, Saisunee Pettit, Graham Lever, Chloe Kang, Mark Mitchell, Khanungnit Garnett, Isabel Martindale, Eamonn Hawthorne and dear Roger Hall x

Upcoming Events for June

We are very happy to announce a new Tuesday class here at the Temple.
Its with The Bradford on Avon Tibetan Sangha Group headed by our Dharma teacher Graham Lever and facilitated by Chloe Kang.
We know some of you find it hard to get here on Mondays so we hope you can take advantage of this new group.

A chance to sit, study and share.

Teachings in the Tibetan and Zen traditions will be covered.

we are having a Sangha excursion to Holt for an evening of teachings with Tibetan Buddhist Master and Scholar - Chamtrul Rinpoche.

Full details below, we hope you can make it.

We have had a TV donated to the Temple so we are close to launchng our special Film Nights.

Themes will generally centre around Buddhism which will include feature films and documentaries. Films can have content from other religions, faiths and philosophies, for example Cloud Atlas is on the list!

Films that cause us to investigate the deeper meanings of existence and look at aspects of cultivating compassion and Metta can be very beneficial to our growth and well-being.

We hope you come along, there are some amazing films we have that can really inspire and bring much insight.

Upcoming Events for May

Monday 14th May 7.30 - 9pm - Dhamma Teacher Graham Lever's evening reflections on the 'Six states of being'

We delve deeper into the philosophy and concepts of the Buddha's teachings. Its always an enlightening class when Graham shares his well practiced wisdom and insight!

He has trained at Aukana Buddhist Monastery, and taken retreat at various centres including Palpung Dharma Centre in Wales.

In 2010 he took Refuge with Lama Yeshe Losal and has since received teachings from a variety of teachers in the Tibetan Tradition.

Graham has an open and practicle knowledge of both the Mahayana and Theravada tradtions of Buddhism

Monday 7th May, 7.30 - 9pm - Buddhist teaching and Dhamma talk with Ajahn Kata Bonyo

We are delighted to have Ven Ajahn Kata Bonyo visit us from Wat Buddharam Temple in London.  We love having the monastics here at the Ton Boon as we get to hear about the Buddha's path by the Venerable ones that walk it!

Same time, just bring yourself, your ears and an open heart!

Tuesday 1st May, 7.30 - 9pm - Buddhist teaching and mindfulness practice with Dario & Rossana

My dear Italian friends ran a Yoga & Mindfulness centre near Milan for many years. Now residing in Frome, they currently run mindfulness counselling, teach Sati Yoga, practice vipassana buddhist meditation, and lead workshops for transpersonal growth. They also care for people with autism and learning disabilities.

They are open-hearted, kind, humble, unpretentious and passionate about helping others overcome their sufferings and difficulties.

We are very excited to have them for this special evening of teaching and practice, we hope you can make it along!

Calligraphy worshops with Chan Buddhist Venerable Sister Chang Chen 7th & 14th April 2018

Great time had by all at our Saturday workshops.
Ven Chang Chen is well trained by the late legendary teacher Master Shengyen of the Dharma Drum Mountain in Taiwan. She exhibits in Taiwan, leads Sutra calligraphy workshops all over Asia and has published several books on calligraphy and buddhist texts.

Here are some pics from the workshops which included a traditional Chinese tea ceremony!

Calligraphy workshop

Ton Boon Cultural Excursion - Monday 2nd April, 7.30pm (regular class cancelled for this special event)

Neon Dance production of Mahajanaka. An evening of live traditional Thai music and dance with a modern, contemporary twist.

 The Jātaka tales are a voluminous body of literature native to India concerning the previous births of Gautama Buddha in both human and animal form.

We were invited with a special offer of half price tickets, over 20 of our Ton Boon members attended the performance and we all thouroughly enjoyed it.

Refuge and the Three Jewels with Graham & Jane Lever.

Feb 5th 2018 7.30 - 9pm

Refuge Teachings

We are happy to announce that our cherished trustee and Resident Dhamma Teacher Graham Lever is leading this Mondays meditation class.
He will be joined by his delightful wife Jane who will lead our Mindfull Movement & Qi Gong excersises.


Graham has extensive experience of the Buddhist path.

He studied Contemporary Religions and Spiritualities at Bath Spa University, BA (hons) in Theology and Philospohy at Kent University, He has trained at Aukana Buddhist Monastery, and taken retreat at various centres including Palpung Dharma Centre in Wales.

In 2010 he took Refuge with Lama Yeshe Losal and has since received teachings from a variety of teachers in the Tibetan Tradition.

Graham has an open and practicle knowledge of both the Mahayana and Theravada tradtions of Buddhism

"Taking refuge in the Buddha, we learn to transform anger into compassion; taking refuge in the Dharma, we learn to transform delusion into wisdom; taking refuge in the Sangha, we learn to transform desire into generosity." (Red Pine, The Heart Sutra: The Womb of Buddhas, p. 132)

Come along to this special evening and learn about the deeper meanings and benefits of Buddhist Refuge and understanding the Three Jewels of Buddha, Dharma & Sangha.

Visiting Ajahn from Oxford. 13th Nov, 18th Dec

Visiting teacher

We were very blessed to have a visit from the Veneralbe Mahasena today at our Temple. He is the Deputy Abbott of the Oxford Vihara which is a great place of study and practice of the Buddhas teachings.

A Dhamma talk and teaching from Venerable Mahasena lead to many of our group recieving much benefit and insight from the event.

A full house at the Temple with a few of the group that could stay after for further talks and questions.

A great night with many smiling faces and happy hearts!

Ajahn Mahasena is at the temple once a month to teach and share his wisdom and compassion.

Get on our email list for updates on all activities and events.

 Asalha Puja or 'Dhamma Day' 09 July 2017

Dhamma Day

Joint celebration at the Temple and in Westbury Gardens!

'Asalha Puja' or Dhamma Day is celebrated in Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, Myanmar and in countries with Theravada Buddhist populations. Asalha Puja, also known as 'Dhamma Day', is one of Buddhism’s most important festivals, celebrating as it does the Buddha’s first sermon in which he set out the profound teaching that had come to him following his enlightenment.

This first pivotal sermon, often referred to as “setting into motion the wheel of dhamma,” is the teaching which is encapsulated for Buddhists in the four noble truths: there is suffering (dukkha); suffering is caused by craving (tanha); there is a state (nibbana) beyond suffering and craving; and finally, the way to nirvana is via the eightfold path. All the various schools and traditions of Buddhism revolve around the central doctrine of the four noble truth. This first sermon is not only the first structured discourse given by the Buddha after his enlightenment, it also contains the essence of all his subsequent teaching. At the end of the talk, one of the five participants recounted his understanding of what had been said and asked to be received as a disciple, a request the Buddha granted, thus establishing the first order of monks.

Also it is the first day of Vassa (the traditional time of the rains retreat)

Great to see the community come together in this way to give so generously to the Temples and to promote peace, compassion and awareness of the Buddha's teachings.

Venerable Ajahn Vimokkha visits Ton Boon 19th June 2017

Visit from Ven. Vimokkha

​The Venerable Ajahn Vimokkha is the abbot of Pippaliwanaram Forest Monastery, Rayong, Thailand. He visited our Temple on Monday to teach and share his wisdom and compassion.

He has vast experience in insight meditation gained from his practising under various renowned meditation masters and from his own astute and intuitive exploration. His style of teaching meditation is approachable, candid and experiential. He is known as Loung Phor Vimokkha because it was used in his book on “The development of mindfulness for insight meditation”

We had a full house for this event, and it was great to see so many people old and new gather in peace at the Temple to hear the Dhamma.

As people started to gather, Luang por chatted informally and set the tone for a most robust, energetic and insightful talk.  We thank you for your visit.  The talk will be available here via YouTube when it gets uploaded!

Dhamma Hall Renovations

Chris & Rui gave the Dhamma hall a spring clean and re-design. The Altar has been upgraded, furniture moved to create more space for our ever popular meditation classes, and a good dusting throughout.

Thank you to Cure D.G Repairs for loaning the power tools, and thank you to all the volunteers and committee members  who give their time and kindness to running the free meditation classes and keeping the Temple well maintained.

Creating Space

Donation of new Buddha Statue 19th March 2017

Today we received a very kind donation of a traditional Thai style Buddha.

The gift was given by the generosity of Khun Saravut Lasomboon the Thai community in London.

Statue Donation

The first picture is of the new Buddha atop the Altar with our beautiful standing Buddha to its side.

Then we have a close up view of our Buddha collection, then the sitting Buddha now in the entrance hall greeting visitors and a group photo of Chris, Alan, Saisunee and our friends from London

Day Retreat Sunday 12 February 10am - 4pm

These bite size retreat days are a great opportunity to take some real 'time out' to create the time and space to let go and overcome any stresses or frustrations that you may have.

Meditating in the peaceful setting of our temple can really help one to relax and bring the being 'back to centre'.

When we make efforts to calm the mind and soften the heart, deep healing can then start, leading to a more balanced and happy life.

Come join us for a day of Tranquillity and Dhamma at the Ton Boon Buddhist Temple.

Suggested donation of £20 - but please do just give what you can afford!


Email Chris for further details.

Every Tuesday from 14th February onwards

New meditation class

New Class

We have a new group now running on Tuesdays at a slightly earlier time of 6pm - 7.15pm. This is to enable you to bring your children if you so wish so they may also benefit from the positive effects that relaxation techniques and meditation can bring to their well-being. 

This group will be lead by Mark who works with children in his capacity as a nurse. He is well suited to use his experience and compassion to provide a safe environment where our young ones can explore self awareness, confidence building and practical concentration & relaxation techniques.

"In today’s fast-paced world, children and young people are often faced with mounting challenges which can be overwhelming. Meditation can be a valuable skill that we can teach our children, providing a tool to cope with fear, anxiety and the pressures of growing up. Exposing ourselves to these ancient, yet practical, techniques can assist in improving emotional stability and calm which is essential for healthy growth. By promoting inner peace and good will to others, meditation can help us all live with greater compassion, clarity and happiness." Mark

For more details please email Mark at:

22nd - 30th  November 2016

Trip To Norway

The Monks trip to Norway

Our Monks The Venerable Luang Por Kampong and Ajahn Pakorn have been in Norway. Here are some beautiful pictures of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) taken from Olderdalen in northern Norway.

Here are some more pics from  the snowy town of Djupvik

Ajahn Pakorn has returned to the UK for another few weeks. Please do come and visit the temple to have the opportunity to meet this Venerable Monk. He will leading evening Puja each day at 7pm and be around for informal chat during the day time if you wish to come for advice or help with understanding the Buddhist way of life.

May you have every blessing, may you be at ease -^-

18th November 2016

Farewell Luang Por

We say farewell to Luang Por Kampong

Our Monk The Venerable Luang Por Kampong has departed the Ton Boon Temple and has headed back to Thailand via Norway.

His stay here has been  a great honour and blessing for us as he has shared his deep wisdom and compassion with us through his teachings his kindness and conducting ceremonies and celebration days.

Here are some pictures of Luang Por and Ajahn Pakorn (who stays with us a few more weeks)

We wish you a safe journey back to Thailand and hope to see you again.

6th November 2016

Kathina Amaravati

Kathina Celebrations at Amaravati Monastery

Special day celebrating end of Vassa (end of rainy season retreat) with Kathina (offering of robes) ceremony.
Many revered Monks and Abbotts from our forest communities in England & Thailand gathered together for this special event.
Much gratitude to the monks & nuns for sharing such wisdom, kindness & compassion with us all

Receiving the new Amaravati Calender from The Abbott Ajahn Amaro

Laung Por Kampong was the most senior monk at the gathering so everyone paid respects to him

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