Monday Evenings - 7.30 - 9pm

@ The Ton Boon Buddhist Temple, 24 Bridge Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1BY

This group is a guided meditation evening with Chris. Typically we practice relaxation techniques, calming and insight meditation, along with heart abiding practices and qi gong. Basic buddhist philosophy and practice is covered. 

Our 'Sangha' or 'community of meditation practitioners' are a friendly bunch and our centre is a good place to cultivate positive friendships and receive constructive support. Through your efforts, and with this support, you can start to heal those areas of your life that are causing you suffering, leading to a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life.

Monday Evenings - 5.30 - 7pm

@ The Ton Boon Buddhist Temple, 24 Bridge Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1BY

This class is with The Bradford on Avon Tibetan Sangha Group headed by our Dharma teacher Graham Lever and facilitated by Chloe Kang.

Its a chance to sit, study and share.

Graham has many years experince as a teacher of religious studies and Buddhist philosophy.

He has been a buddhist practioner for many years.

If you want to delve deeper into the Buddhas teachings and practices, then this class is for you.

Teachings in the Tibetan and Zen traditions are be covered.

What to bring? and what's the cost!

Chairs, mats and cushions are provided, but you are welcome to bring along your own preferred seating. Classes are £5 waged / £3 unwaged.

Many people find these groups extremely beneficial. It gives them the confidence and motivation to make the changes they need to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.

For more information email Chris at​

Retreats & visits to our forest monasteries and retreat centres

We very much encourage our practitioners and friends to go and visit the other Thai Forest Buddhist Centres around the country. These places are well established and have been running as functioning monasteries and retreat centres for many years. They provide the perfect environment to take a break from the business and stresses of life and find some well-being and healing. You can gain much insight and peace through the practice of meditation, receiving compassionate spiritual support and top-notch guidance from these world renowned Ajahns (teachers).

All 4 centres are located in beautiful countryside where good fresh air and great walks can be experienced also.

These places are always beneficial and a delight to visit!

Please visit their websites for further details and inspiration.

Amaravati, Hemel Hampstead (retreats & staying as guest)

Cittaviveka, Chithurst (staying as guest)

Hartridge, Honiton (staying as guest)

 Aruna Ratanagiri. Harnham, Belsay (retreats & staying as guest)


We invite monks from Amaravati, Cittaviveka and Hartridge Buddhist monasteries to teach here at our centre.  Keep an eye on the "Workshops & retreats" page or get added to our emailing list for updates on these events

We have a great selection of books from a range of all Buddhist traditions in our library. You can take them home for a suitable period, this is based on  a trust system. Speak to Chris

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